needs you ... the listeners, the audience

"We are inspired by the different rhythms that come from all around the world. If we play the rhythm of the Samba, the Taiko, African or Asian dances, if in rock, pop, techno, drum 'n' bass, march or classical music, we always focus our attention on the moving power of the groove.
We want to set free the power of these rhythms and give the audience the possibility to forget everyday worries while giving themselves to the music. To our great delight we reach each age group in this way on our concerts we have already seen grandmother and grandson clapping their hands or dancing together."


49 Instrumente (Trommeln, Percussion, Cymbals)

durchschnittlicher unverstärkter Schallpegel:
105 dB(A) / 1m

pro Konzert etwa 25000 einzelne Schläge

Trommelvolumen insgesamt: ca. 676 Liter

Wir heißen 'drumlet'!

Nicht aber: 'drumlets', 'Drummlet', 'die drumlets' noch 'drumlett' noch 'die Drumletten' noch "the drum let's' noch 'das Trommlertrio drumlet' (zumal vier(!) Personen auf der Bühne standen ;-)

Wir heißen 'drumlet'!

Nicht aber: 'los quadro drumlettos', 'die fantastischen vier drumletten', 'the fantastic four drumlets', 'die drumletinis', 'feelo de drumletto', 'tram lätt', 'drumlät', 'drumlätzchen' 'chicken drumlets', 'rumdlet', 'h(dr)umlet', 'drumletters'.

Wir heißen "drumlet"!

"Thomas und seine Band", "Thomas Heidenreich und seine drumlets", "Thomas Heidenreich und seine Jungs" ist keine geschickte Bezeichnung für uns.